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  •       Gengdu farm is located in the west of zhejiang province, southwest of jiangshan city, 20 kilometers away from the city, northeast of the center of gengdu village. The farm transportation is convenient, for he village, the altar stone, the bridge, the new tangbian and so on the town intersection, its north lake pond ridge, in the ancient time has long been in charge of the trade five road total mouth's prestige.
    Farming-reading farm was first built in 2009, and the overall planning covers an area of more than 1,000 mu. The total investment of the long-term plan is about 500 million yuan, which will be implemented in three phases. The target is the national 4A scenic spot. The first phase of the project has built water landscape ecological area...




    The third zhejiang micro film award ceremony was held in gengdu village, hecun town, jiangshan, zhejiang today


    Loyalty and filial piety fundamental, poetry and calligraphy family, busy affairs in, leisure reading, is the ancient and modern relics of this area of the countryside, the ancient nantang academy, now have the tigou read hotel, the original ecological natural scenery overflowing out of the concentrated scroll atmosphere, the country so much jiao, humanities here alone good. He said, "guests who come here are all from afar. This simple style soaked in luxury, gorgeous behind the background of the natural, cultural embellishment under the outstanding taste, like!
    Every detail of the organizing committee makes filmmakers calm, relieved and happy.


    The most is a touch of warm winter sunshine!

    Reading the sun in early winter
    There is no tenderness of spring
    No summer
    There is no implication of deep winter
    Some is just a quiet and elegant
    The early winter sunshine is the smile of the blue sky

    Coming here for a lazy weekend is another way to enjoy life.

     Every time, there are new discoveries, new changes! Now, it has become a rural leisure and tourism resort with water landscape ecological area, green planting area, leisure log cabin and so on. A meter of sunshine, a white cloud, a piece of water, where the best lazy time, is another comfortable life.


    Happy Chinese Valentine's Day

    Next week is Chinese valentine's day,
    This is the only couple festival in the second half of the year
    It is said that no one is prepared for a perfect date
    Men become ex-boyfriends!
    But what about valentine's day
    That's the problem.
    Flowers? Chocolate? A candlelight dinner?

    Guyu - tea language
    Is tea just a Chinese character? No, tea is Chinese culture. "Setting sun platform, spring breeze sipping tea" is du fu's leisurely and comfortable; "Spring spring in the snowy night, bring your own tea stove and cook" is lu you's delight. "Night return cold English boil green dust, pine wind into the ding more fresh" is the leisure sent xie yizhi; Su dongpo's qingkuang is open and open-minded. Do not know when to rise, teahouse, teahouse, tea dining-room spreads ceaselessly in every corner of the city, hazy between see antique, stand still the tea shed that stands in each big checkpoint, person person goes to and from, tea is sweet 4 excessive, mix with small 2 call...
    In this way, the story of guyu teahouse unfolds with the rhythm of tea, ink and music.


  • TEL:0570-4735111

    Address:Gengdu Village, Hecun Town, Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province


江郎山 Jianglang Mountain 廿八都 Nianbadu Town 浮盖山 Covering the mountain 清漾毛氏文化村 Qing Yang MAO culture village 仙霞关戴笠故居 Xianxia guan dai li former residence 和睦彩陶文化村景区 Harmony pottery cultural village scenic area

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